Proper Etiquette in Business Meetings

In a business meeting, there are men and women working together for a common goal. Whether the business meeting be internal or with a client or partner, it is always important to have the proper etiquette during the meeting. I have listed a few areas to ensure your next business meeting goes smoothly.



Arriving “on time” to a meeting does not mean being at an 11 am meeting at 10:59, it means showing up 15-20 minutes early to ensure you are prepared and are not disheveled at the beginning of the meeting. Remember the time old truth: “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.” Arriving early to a meeting, prepared, shows your business associate that you are respecting their time and do not wish to waste a minute of it.



To continue the message of respecting a person’s time during a meeting, send out an agenda prior to a meeting. This will ensure everyone is aware what the topics or punch points are for this meeting; also, it shows how long the meeting will be.


Speaking and Listening

Speaking and listening are both equally important in a business meeting. If you are running the meeting, you are most likely to speak the most of everyone in the room. However, you are going to have a monologue for 30-90 minutes, so be sure to listen to your client or business associates who are also in the meeting with you.


Running the Meeting

Because you are the one in charge of the meeting, you are responsible for keeping the meeting going and making sure that the important points of the meeting are touched on and that you are not getting off topic or staying on one point that might not be completely important right now.


Electronic Devices

Always have your phone on vibrate, at least, if not on silent. That will allow you to know if there was a call, text message, or email that you are waiting for but will not interrupt the flow of the meeting with a loud notification sound. However, we are in the 21st century, many take notes on their laptop or tablet, or they are used to show a presentation or a design. But allow this to be your main reason for bringing a laptop or tablet, not to browse the internet or just check your email.


Guest List

Be sure that everyone in the meeting is aware of who will be in your meeting to ensure that no one is surprised by an unannounced guest. It can cause some confusion or frustration at the beginning of a meeting and change the tone or vibe of the room.


The list above should not be anything surprising to read. However, it is some of the things that businessmen and businesswomen forget every week. But with the list above complete, you are sure to have a successful meeting and impress your boss!

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