Five Reasons You Want to be Golfing Right Now

Some might say that golf is a boring sport, you hit a ball, walk or drive to it, hit it again and again until it lands in a small hole; then you start over again. However, golf is one of the best, most diverse sports played today. Here is what I enjoy most about the game.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

If you are a golfer, you know that you can get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sun. Golf doesn’t require you to run around a field or catch any sort of ball. You are talking with co-workers, bosses or friends and hitting a golf ball around a little. The best of both worlds.

Light Exercise and Stress Reliever

Golf can be a light exercise routine for someone who is not very interested in going to the gym. If a golfer chooses not avoid the cart for their 9 or 18 holes, they are walking quite a bit to get from one hole to the next. With each stroke, you are putting your body into a position and holding it there before releasing; very similar to a yoga pose. The twisting and turning of your torso allows you to stretch your body out. When your club makes contact with the ball, you can actually feel the stress leaving your body and if you hit that special hole-in-one, you feel a small sense of exhilaration.

A New Challenge Every Time

Golf is just like any other sport, the more you practice, the better you get. You never play the same game twice; you are constantly challenging your skill every time you step foot on the course. You can always keep track of your games and can challenge yourself to improve with each stroke. There is also, of course, the challenges you can give to your friends or colleagues to see who can have the best game this time.

Social Hour

With a full workload, a spouse, children, obligations, and responsibilities, there is not always enough time for friends. Golf allows you to get a social hour with your buddies. With a sport that is so easy to enjoy with a little practice, it is possible to catch up with anyone.

Giving Back

There are not many sports that allow you to give back while you are playing with your friends or colleagues. Golf has a lot of charity tournaments that anyone can participate in to give back to your community or favorite charity. There are also caddy scholarship programs to help younger generations have a shot at going to college. It is also a great way for a caddy to make money, gain contacts while working toward their goals.

Golf is such a diverse sport that can be enjoyed by anyone as long as the weather is right. Have I interested you in stopping by your local golf range yet?